1-Where can I buy my tickets?
You can purchase your ticket through our website or at the sales outlets available for certain events.

2-Can I print the tickets through the Tickets4Way website?
Yes. To do this, click on "My Account" in the upper bar of the site and enter your email and password to access your account. Then click on "my orders". The ticket will be available in "my orders".

3-Why is there a convenience fee?
The convenience fee refers to the service provided by Tickets4Way providing customers with tickets in different sales channels, such as e-commerce, partner sales points and strategically located at alternative times. By law (only in Brazil), the event organizer should always provide 1 point of sale without a convenience fee, this point is the responsibility of the production and organization of the event.

4-How many tickets can be purchased by registering?
The purchase of up to 4 tickets will be allowed according to the ID registered in the site register.

5-Forms of payment.
Payment can be made by credit or debit card: Visa, Master, PayPal.

6-What are the half-price discounts offered on the site in the Brazil (this item only Brazil)?
Discounts are offered according to the following categories and documents that must be submitted with admission:
Students: Signature of the Institution of Education.
Teachers and Supporters of the Teaching Framework of the Public Network: Holerite that proves the registration.
Seniors (60 years or +) and Retirees: Personal Document and / or Retiree Card.
Children from 2 to 12 years: Personal Document and / or Birth Certificate.
Physically Disabled and Escorts: It will not be necessary to present supporting documents.

7-Can I cancel my purchase?
In case of postponed events the fees will not be refunded.

Informations or doubts, plese send message by e-mail customer.service@tickets4way.com
 or by message +1(321) 444-9065 (WhatsApp).

8-Why can not I find the event?
Make sure you are entering the correct keywords in the search fields on our site. A hint! Find the event you're interested in by filters by cities, categories, locations, or even dates.
 * Events that have not been made available on the site may not have been up to date, received by the Tickets4way team to register or are in the process of being approved to start sales.

9-What to do when the purchase is made by another person's credit card?
When the purchase is made through the credit card of another person, and the holder of this card is not present on the day of the event, it will be necessary to present the declaration of third parties. The declaration of third parties is an authorization term, to which the cardholder is responsible for the purchase of the ticket through his credit card.
To request a third party statement, please send your request to customer.service@tickets4way.com
* If the cardholder is present on the day of the event, it is not necessary to present the document.

10-Can I change the chair or change the session I chose?
No. In this case you will be asked to cancel your current purchase, and then make a new purchase by setting the new seat or session you want.
* Cancellation for change the chair can be requested within a maximum of 72 hours before the event.

11-My event has been canceled. And now?
The Tickets4way team will arrange a return of your money as follows. Forms of refunds: Credit or debit card: The return is made in 15 days with the credit carrier, and the amount will be recorded as credit on the customer's next invoice within 30 days. (This term is stipulated in agreement with the credit carrier and there is no way to intervene in this procedure).

12-I requested the cancellation of the purchase, but the charge came in my invoice.
The credit operators have the maximum term of up to two invoices to register this credit. Probably your invoice was already closed when the chargeback was registered by the operator, so it will be credited the next.

13-I requested the cancellation, but had parceled the payment at the time of purchase.
The cancellation of the purchase entails the total repayment of the parcels, so you can identify that in the next invoices the amount will not be debited. If you have already paid a portion to the operator you will have to record as credit the amount of that installment already paid and exclude the collection in the coming months.