Tickets4way (Consecutiva USA LLC) is a company of events ticket sales management for the various segments. We use a technological platform that facilitates the client's purchase and access to the event quickly and safely. We are committed to providing event planners with greater control and agility with the best resources in a partner way, practic, reducing the cost to the operating expenses.

Our Mission is to offer the best solution in the management of events ticket sales with the least cost through excellence and transparency and providing a unique and passionate experience to our customers.

We have as vision to be the best ticketeria for the producer and organizer of the event, providing a unique and exceptional format for managing and selling the tickets, with exclusive service and made by a fast team and the willingness of all its customers. We want our DNA to reach all corners of EUA and Brazil with the best cost / benefit of the market and make us recognized for facilitating and providing the best way to buy events tickets and for our customers to share these shopping experiences.

Customer Service: By mail customer.service@tickets4way.com or by WhatsApp 321 444-9065.